Encouraging parents to explore and share resources


Find everything you need when?caring for your child

Wondering when you should bring them to see the doctor or the dentist? What to feed those fussy kids? What clothes they really need, or how to help your anxious or struggling child? This section has both the tools and the info to help guide you through everything to do with the health of your child, both physically and mentally.


Information you?re looking for on keeping your child safe.

Wondering about what car seat/booster seat your child needs (or when you can change them to the next stage)? Need advice on babyproofing, basic first aid, choosing the right daycare, or babysitting? This section will help you locate resources to keep your children safe, as well as answer questions about internet and social media use, building attachment with your child, and much more.


We all need help sometimes. Find resources?to help you and your child build the skills they?will need.

This section has tips on how to support your child?s learning, from helping them build social and communication skills like talking and reading, to advice on how to speak up for your child. Along with information on development milestones, tips on helping your kids out with homework, and information about when your child can and should go to school, this section will be essential to nurturing your child?s development.


Find the information you need about your child and their universe.

This section will help you find tools and navigate your child?s schooling ? where they should go to school. Programs and activities for infants, toddlers and preschoolers as well as links to sport, arts, music and recreation activities for your child.

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