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As a parent or caretaker, sometimes it can be overwhelming to decide how to get your child and family involved in their community. A public library is a great place to start!

New Brunswick Public Libraries can be found in 63 service points all over the province and offer services and programs for all ages. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff can help you find the information and resources you need. The libraries? children?s sections include a wide selection of books ranging from picture books and beginner reader books to chapter books and non-fiction titles for older kids as well as graphic novels, comics, and magazines. All public libraries in NB have a specialized Parent Collection, a selection of books for children about subjects such as potty training, going to the doctor, a new sibling, and much more.

While the majority of the items in our collection are in print/paper format, you will also find books in audio format (CDs, MP3 CDs, and pre-loaded MP3 devices), as well as an online collection of electronic books (ebooks) and downloadable audio books. Library users can also borrow DVDs.

?A lot of parents wonder:?Do we have to be really quiet in the library? What if my child is loud?

Children can be loud, especially when having fun. It happens! We do understand that sometimes they can?t control their volume, so rather than enforce the outdated Whisper Rule, we encourage using ?indoor voices?.

Children?s programs at the library are free of charge.
Children?s library cards no longer get overdue fees.
All libraries are now open Saturdays, year round. The Moncton public library is even open on Sundays!

?Don?t be afraid to ask staff for help ? that?s what they?re there for! They can help you find the books you?re looking for or recommend titles for young readers (even reluctant ones) based on their reading levels and general interests.