Accessing Medical Advice

Accessing Medical Advice: Tele-Care

Wondering if you child?s fever means a trip to the clinic? Worried your little one got too much sun and want to know the signs of heat exhaustion? Not sure how to tell if something is sprained? Health care advice is always just a phone call away.

Anytime, anywhere in New Brunswick, you can dial 811 and talk to a registered nurse. This is a bilingual information service designed to answer any questions you may have concerning health issues. Before you ask for advice on the Internet, why not talk directly to a trained professional?

You can also call 811 to register with Patient Connect if you are looking to secure a family doctor.

For any questions about 811 Tele-Care, visit this link:

For list of the walk-in/after-hours clinics in the Greater Moncton area, visit this link: (assembled by the New Brunswick Medical Society, believed to be accurate as of Fall 2015.)