Information you?re looking for on keeping your child safe.

We all want to keep children safe. As they grow, they are able to understand more, and take on more responsibility. No child is born knowing what is safe, and what isn’t safe, adults are here to help them learn.

Here are a few things that you can do to help make sure kids are safe:

  • Make sure your child knows their name, address, and telephone number.
  • Make sure your child knows how to get help ? phone 911. Stay on the phone until someone comes.
  • Children should know how to contact their parents or caregiver at work.
  • Children should have and know the contact information for another trusted adult that they can contact if they can’t reach their parents or caregiver.
  • Have a secret password between you and your children, so that if ever you need to send someone else to pick them up they can use the password. Once the password is used remember to change it for next time.
  • Set clear boundaries for children. Boundaries like: who they can be with, where they can go, how they can travel there, what time they should be home, how long they can be away. As they grow these boundaries will change, just remember to keep constant and open communications between you and your children.

Help your child learn and follow these important guidelines:

  • Don’t talk to strangers, leave or get into a stranger’s car.
  • Don?t accept gifts or food from a?stranger.
  • Stay with the person looking after you – make sure you can always see them, and they can see you.
  • Never go out alone ? always go with a friend or two and don?t get separated from them.
  • Only go where you have told your parent or caregiver you are going ? if plans change tell them.
  • Tell your parents if you receive any strange or repeated phone, texts or e-mail messages even if they are from friends or relatives.
  • Tell your parents or teacher about any bullying or physical harm or assault.
  • Tell your parents or teacher if you are offered drugs, alcohol or cigarettes.
  • Avoid dark alleys, streets and empty or unfamiliar buildings.