Healthy Toddler Assessment

It?s great to check in once and awhile ? and that?s exactly what Public Health offers all parents when their child is 18 months old.

The Healthy Toddler Assessment might sound like a test, but it?s not.

The Healthy Toddler Assessment might seem like a big hassle, but it?s not.

What it actually amounts to is a free check up for you and your child. There is no pass or fail, or judgement. It?s a chance for you and your child to talk to a Public Health nurse about your child?s development. Your toddler will be asked to perform a few small tasks, such as colouring or catching a ball or identifying photos, that will help the Public Health nurse know if your child would benefit from seeing any professionals, be it speech or hearing professionals, or any others. This is also a chance for the nurse to take a quick look for cavities or catch vision problems that can sometimes go unnoticed by parents.

The Healthy Toddler Assessment is not the same as the 18-month check up performed by a doctor, but your doctor will get a copy of your child?s results.

Early intervention can help your child improve in any number of areas. Taking advantage of this free program is a great way to make sure your child is getting access to all the health care they deserve.