All children play. Play is more than just fun and recreation for your little ones; playing is their job, and it is essential to their growth and development.

Play helps children learn and build skills that will aid them in beginning to read, write, and do basic math.

Play builds social skills. Children learn to understand others. They learn to communicate, to negotiate, and how to socialize.

Play encourages children to learn, imagine, and problem solve.

Play gives children the opportunity to express themselves and work out difficult parts of their life like stresses, trauma, and family conflicts.

There are many forms of play, whether it be outside or inside with books, toys, blocks, art and games. Kids require a variety of play throughout their day. Play with parents, family, caregivers, and friends is great, but so is some time to play on their own, choosing how they want to play and what they want to play with. Just like how it?s hard on us to be on all the time, time to rest and decompress is important for children too.

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Let’s Play a child’s road to learning.