Healthy Attachment

During the first year of your baby’s life, it can be difficult to always understand what your baby is asking for or needs from you. Healthy attachment is a great way to bond with your child in a way that sets you up to be great communicators as your child grows.

Family and Early Childhood located in four regions in NB (Miramichi, Saint John, Moncton and Fredericton), have a short program to help guide parents and care takers of infants in learning more about Healthy Attachment and how to:

Understand what your baby’s cries mean
How to understand and respond to infant behaviour
How to have fun with with your baby

Attachment is simply helping your baby to feel sure of themselves by responding to them in a comforting way. Doing this allows your baby to know that somebody loves them, and that somebody will be there for them especially when they are feeling uncomfortable, scared or unsure.

When your baby is upset, trying some of these things should help:

Looking directly at your baby’s eyes and face.
Try to imagine what your baby might be thinking and feeling.
Hold your baby close and speak quietly and calmly.
Let your baby know that they can depend on you.